Wishlist – Parasolerie Heurtault

Parasolerie Heurtault

Wishlist – Parasolerie Heurtault

Bring a touch of French haute couture to your wardrobe with one of Michel Heurtault?s parasols and umbrellas, ideal for those intermittent British Spring showers.

Before creating Parasolerie Heurtault, Michel Heurtault began his career as a costume designer in the film industry specialising in period dresses and corsets. He was then approached by the internationally renowned designer John Galliano who asked him to design haute couture pieces for Dior.

Today, Parasolerie Heurtault creates unique umbrellas and parasols, each handmade in Heurtault?s workshop located in the heart of Paris, using silks and other delicate yet luxurious fabrics accompanied with expert craftsmanship dating back over 200 years.

Coined as the greatest designer of parasols and umbrellas of French haute couture and awarded a distinction from the Master of Arts; one of France?s highest honours for an artisan, Michel Heurtault?s umbrellas and parasols are unique, delicate and beautiful. Perhaps too beautiful to expose to the elements, but Heurtault?s creations are in fact designed to be used.

In addition to his retail range of umbrellas and parasols, Parasolerie Heurtault also offers umbrella and parasol restoration, replacement canopies, antique umbrella reproduction, umbrella and parasol hire for the film and theatre industry and a bespoke creation service.

Heurtault?s men?s umbrellas, such as the country house style traditional Rustique, is available in a range of colours including ecru, green, beige, chocolate and Havana, while a range of handle finishes are also possible such as juniper, chestnut or cherry wood.

While the women?s umbrella collection is equally glamorous with the La Parisienne, one of Heurtault?s iconic umbrellas made with a silk canopy hedged with a black lace rim with various types of handles available including parrot, fox terrier or greyhound, or the Sixties, a collection of small, elegant umbrellas inspired by the famous French actress Catherine Deneuve, a beautiful umbrella with a vintage yet classic look.

Ideal as a gift for men or women, Heurtault?s umbrellas start at around ?490. For more information and to view the full collection, visit www.parasolerieheurtault.com.

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