Wishlist – JING Tea Master

JING Tea Master

Photo: JING Tea Master

Wishlist – JING Tea Master

JING invites inspiration with its reinvention of the Chinese tea ceremony.

JING, which means ?essence? in Chinese, was founded by Edward Eisler in 2004. Their infusions are served in the world?s best hotels and restaurants, and now the London based tea company has launched a statement new product; the JING Tea Master.

?The Tea Master is inspired by ceremony, but designed for today. As the true home of tea, no country has influenced us more than China. Traditional Chinese ?gong fu cha? tea ceremonies place huge emphasis on achieving the best flavours by using small vessels and short brewing times to create quick, full flavoured infusions. With each infusion, all the tea is decanted into matching capacity cups or pitchers to avoid the tea stewing and becoming too strong.

In today?s hyper-connected world, tea is a way for people to enjoy a moment of calm focus, away from distraction. We hope the Tea Master helps make this a reality for people all over the world; a stimulating and engaging ritual to enjoy every day.”

The traditional Chinese gaiwan is the main source of inspiration for this project. A lidded bowl and saucer traditionally used in Chinese tea ceremonies, the gaiwan, allows you to watch the leaves unfurl and appreciate aromas as they infuse. The experience is a highly engaging and rewarding way to make tea.

The Tea Master is crafted from matte white, double walled porcelain to keep tea hot and hands cool. The spout is carefully shaped to prevent drips, and a filter in the neck ensures the tea leaves stay in the pot. The set is modern in style, simple to use and fits the needs of people today. It brings the traditional art of tea making to the 21st Century: respecting ancient values in a contemporary setting.

The Tea Master is available in two sets ? one for solo drinking, including a cup, which enables efficient stacking of the set, and a sharing set including two tasting cups.

For more information or to purchase the Tea Master, visit JING Tea.

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