Wishlist – Francesco Maglia Umbrella

Francesco Maglia

Wishlist – Francesco Maglia

Fend of April Showers with an impeccably stylish Francesco Maglia umbrella. Founded in 1856, Francesco Maglia is the top producer of expertly crafted umbrellas.

Handmade in no less than 70 individual steps in a small Milanese workshop, these gorgeous creations can be seen in the world’s most prestigious fashion houses across the globe including Gucci and Barneys New York.

These unique masterpieces are renowned for their durability and ultra-high quality. A trademark feature is the solid stick handle, which is made from one continuous piece of wood. Using expert skills, the wood is steamed and shaped to form the handle – a process that can take around six months. The slider that is used to open and close the umbrella is fused from cast iron and the ring that holds the spokes is made from brass, all milled in-house at the Francesco Maglia workshop.

Francesco Maglia also provides these pieces for competing brands as there are no artisans that can mill these intricate details. Exclusively woven for Francesco Maglia, the umbrellas’ bespoke fabric covering is a waterproof jacquard blend of cotton, silk and wool.

An ideal accessory for any discerning gentlemen, these are a must have for any rainy-day repertoire and the perfect gift this Fathers’ Day.

Francesco Maglia umbrellas are available at Mr Porter.

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