Wishlist – Alastair Hamer bespoke silver cutlery

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Wishlist – Alastair Hamer

With commissions for Lord Dyson, Hermès and a piece in the V&A, Alastair Hamer balances contemporary thinking with traditional English flatware beautifully. A silversmith by trade and Senior Technician at The Royal College of Art, Hamer concentrates solely on handcrafted, made-to-order silver cutlery of the highest quality.

He creates cutlery using both traditional and modern techniques such as forging and rapid prototyping. His oversized fork and spoon create a subtle jarring effect when held. These familiar objects take on new resonance because of his adjustment in scale.

?Inherent in my work are the everyday objects which I take and manipulate or disrupt the line, edge, or surface. I aim to encourage discovery through interaction and to create different experiences for the user both physically and visually. I’ve created these objects by balancing contemporary thinking with consideration for the reality of production – both small- and large-scale?.

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