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Treatment : REN Bespoke Body Massage

Pamper yourself with a REN treatment experience.

An indulgent sixty minute full body massage using REN’s trademark deep and slow Zen Body Massage techniques starts with your feet being cocooned and massaged in hot compresses. Each part of the body is then massaged using the exotically scented and nourishing Monoi Oil. Combined with acupressure, let this blissful hour detoxify, relax and invigorate your body.

Stretches are used to further loosen your body and to finish off, your scalp and face receive some deep manipulations leaving you with a sensation of wellbeing and deep contentment.

?Inspired by shiatsu and naturopathy, the Bespoke Body Massage combines massage techniques used in ancestral traditions, Japanese acupressure and Swedish massage. The deep and slow techniques help release deep muscular tensions, stimulate circulation and lymph, so that your body – and you! ? can be returned to your natural balance. And you will love the beautiful, slightly sweet scent of the Monoi oil.?
– Marielle Alix, Creator REN Treatments & Wellbeing / Beauty Coach

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