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Treatment – Lubatti Rose Body Polish


Lubatti?s Rose Body Polish Treatment ? 45mins

Give your skin a wake-up call with an all over body polish treatment. Starting with a dry brush, this will gently lift any dry or dead skin cells and stimulate the lymphatic system. The body is then exfoliated with Lubatti?s gorgeous Rose Body Polish ? the natural sugar cane exfoliates and the rich rose nourishes. The body is then fully moisturised leaving it decadently rejuvenated.

?This treatment is excellent for a full body exfoliation ? the natural cane not only helps remove any dry or dead skin but the rich rose nourishes and hydrates the skin. So the body is left feeling totally rejuvenated and refreshed.?
Jodie Hill, Head Therapist of Lubatti

Key products: Rose Body Polish

Infused with natural extracts and a refreshing Rose fragrance, skin is left looking and feeling both radiant and reconditioned. Using only the finest ingredients, the natural sugar granules gently exfoliate the skin, while Vitamin E works to keep the skin hydrated and protected. The result is silky-smooth, beautifully nourished skin.

Key ingredients: Vitamin E and natural sugar cane

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