The Wishlist – Louis Vuitton City Guides

Louis Vuitton City Guides


Louis Vuitton 2012 City Guides – a collection of expertly crafted guides to steer your journey in some of the world’s best known destinations.

The anticipation of a short city break provides hours of enjoyment spent in the planning and preparation of wardrobes and itineraries, and the purchase of the ubiquitous travel guide plays an essential part. Louis Vuitton has managed to provide a slice of its luxury empire that is accessible to all, in its series of well-edited and beautifully presented Travel Guides. Handbag sized, there and just 9 of these guides in total, which can be bought individually, each in its own immaculate heavy duty slip case, or as a series of guides to the ultimate shortlist of must-see cities.

The content is written by specialist journalists and manages to expertly combine a perfect selection of the established and inevitable sights to see, with some of the most up to the minute trend predictions for unusual hotspots and off-the-beaten track excursions. Anyone with the mildest interest in quality will appreciate the beautiful production of these little guides, and anyone with the mildest interest in style will appreciate the immense fashion kudos that comes with the nonchalant presentation of one of these from a handbag.