The Interview – Georgie Rawlings

Georgie Rawlings in Aviator's Sky Bar


Georgie Rawlings travels extensively in her career as a dancer and entertainer. Her latest project is set to appear on our television screens next year.

I started dancing almost before I could walk, my Mum would take me to classes for ballet, tap and modern. Acting came a little later, but I didn?t take it too seriously! My parents were business people and didn?t really believe that you could make a career out of dancing. Before I was able to do what I love as a full time career, I worked in hotels and bars which was a great insight into the hard work that goes in behind the scenes.

I started concentrating on stilt-walking, skating and fire to broaden my experience, as dancers don?t earn a lot of money and I was advised that it would create a lot more regular work, which it has. Acting takes a long time to build up but I love the industry ? I?ve been working on short films, feature films and theatre. I?m actually doing film at the moment.

I set up my own agency about a year ago, which, as it turns out, is quite a lot to take on! I set up my own website and work on my own designs and I make sure the people I have on my books are true professionals who love performing as much as I do. I tend to have a very wide spectrum on my books ? everything from burlesque and contortionists to clowns, DJs and breakers ? anything really. I don?t do children?s performing so much though – I am quite niche, and I like to keep things high end. For me, its important to tailor everything for each new event and think about what the audience is looking for and why they are attending.

Most of my clients are in London, but I?ve travelled a lot. I?ve been all over the world recently ? Morocco, Sri Lanka, Verbier – Sometimes it can be a bit of a blur and I can?t remember all the places I?ve been to. Having said that, I?ve been lucky to only have ever travelled in short spurts. You can get a lot of long contracts to work abroad but I?ve never wanted to be away from London and home for too long.

My most memorable trip was the Sahara which I went to in April last year. It was a 10 day road trip for work and it turned out not to be the glamourous trip I had hoped for! But it was a hugely unique experience and stunning setting, which on the one hand inspired me immensely, but also taught me a few things about myself – the lack of comforts I’m used to were a challenge.

One of the best events I ever did was in Sri Lanka a few years ago. It was a huge festival on the beach. I was one of 7 dancers on stage with 2 DJs, and a crowd of 4,000 in front of us. It was an incredible moment.

I love sushi. I love fresh food and I really love cooking. My father was a chef, and my mother used to be a cookery teacher, so I know what goes with what, and I know what tastes good. I wish I could cook more but as I mostly work in the evening I don’t get to do enough of it! I tend to graze rather than eat proper meals, but I like to treat myself to Spaghetti Bolognese once in a while. My own recipe tends to include a 4 hour cooking time with half a bottle of red wine in the sauce, and drinking the other half with friends!

An average day will start with a lie-in. I am a definite night owl. But I will then spend the day walking my dog, going to the gym and answering emails. If a job comes in the whole day will be busy, organising the performers, making sure they are fully briefed etc. It suits me to be busy.

My ultimate aim is to break into acting. I would love to do a period feature film. I love the classic old costumes and the way men dressed ? which sadly doesn?t happen these days! I enjoy doing horror ? behind the scenes all the artistry and creative makeup is actually quite entertaining!

“New Year?s Eve for Aviator?s finale to Vive la Fete is going to be quite a show!”
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This is going to be my second New Year’s Eve at Aviator. I?ve been working on my programme for a while now. I don’t want to give too much away, but but I?ll give you an insight – I?m creating 3 sets with wild ideas that go with the Vive La Féte theme. I want to go from burlesque to stilt-walkers, I want to have characters roaming around almost like a circus ? it should be dramatic, but also incredibly beautiful. A big part of it is costume and make up ? I can?t stress how important costume can be to create the atmosphere, as well as the performance, obviously.for Aviator?s finale to Vive la Fete is going to be quite a show!

In fashion I don?t like to follow, I like to lead. I don?t just follow what everyone else wears, because everyone ends up wearing the same thing. I think creating your own style is really important – mix a few fashionable things with classic items. If you have a favourite item you should wear it, wear whatever makes you happy and you?ll feel confident. If you don?t feel confident in something then don?t wear it.