On the menu – Spring À La Carte

Spring À La Carte

On the menu – Spring À La Carte

Aviator celebrates the arrival of spring with a new Spring A La Carte menu.

With the weather warming up and the days becoming longer and sunnier, it?s clear that Spring has officially arrived. In Aviator?s award winning Brasserie, the arrival of the season is celebrated with the debut of our new Spring A La Carte menu. Created by Head Chef, Adam Fargin the new Spring dishes are the perfect accompaniment to the lighter, warmer Spring days.

Spring À La Carte Dish

The starting dishes are an assembly of the best seasonal produce combined to create delicious flavours and textures to tantalise the taste buds. Fresh Portland crab with its distinct full flavour is complimented by the refreshing notes of tart Granny Smith jelly and cucumber. The classic French dish of duck terrine is served with poached apricot, foie-gras and duck ham. It?s well known that duck and apricot is a match made in heaven, however, unique to this dish is the duck ham which is made in-house by curing, brining and smoking it overnight. Earthy beetroot and the rich, intense flavour of hay baked wood pigeon combine in a perfect balance of tender and rich flavour. Those looking for a vegetarian option can enjoy spinach and watercress veloute with goat?s cheese beignet. Accompanying the creamy, smooth seasonal flavours, this dish is best served with a crisp white wine.

The main courses are simple yet sensational, crafted to encapsulate the essence of the season. Adam explains ?this menu isn?t over-complicated, which allows the main ingredient to really shine?. One of the highlights is the Sea Trout that is poached to retain succulence and served with crisp sea beet, asparagus and caviar. The wild garlic and morel risotto is paired with soft Brillat-Savarin to create a vegetarian dish that is packed full of intense flavour. Another dish sees freshly made cannelloni pasta infused with squid ink stuffed with white crab and paired with sole fillets. Beautifully contrasting on the plate, this dish is best enjoyed with a crisp, well-balanced Chablis.

To finish the menu, guests can enjoy a wonderful selection of beautifully presented desserts. Gariguette strawberries with their sweet, aromatic flavour team with passion fruit seeds, basil gel and elderflower sorbet presenting a dish that is light and cleansing, perfect for those looking for something not too sweet. Rich Valrhona milk chocolate fondant with a salted caramel is drizzled with orange and dark chocolate sauce for a dish that is every chocolate lovers delight. Pair with a glass of Chateau Filhot Grand Cru and let the toasty peach, honeysuckle and marmalade notes compliment the richness of the chocolate. For a twist on a traditional English dessert, our Aviator trifle is served with Champagne, balsamic poached berries and topped with crunchy honeycomb. Those looking for a lighter option can enjoy a zesty combination of St Clements parfait, lime meringue and blood orange gel with clotted cream and lavender ice cream. We suggest enjoying this palette-cleansing dish with a fruity Sauvignon Blanc.

Thoughtfully crafted, the new Spring menu celebrates the best local and seasonal produce through dishes that are packed full of flavours and texture.

Explore our Spring À La Carte menu here. To make a reservation, email or telephone 01252 555 893.

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