On the menu – Apple and Blackberry Delice

Apple and Blackberry Delice

On the menu – Apple and Blackberry Delice


Head Pastry Chef, Greg Cadoni, explains one of his latest creations. To design this dessert was a challenge for me and my team. Although apple and blackberry are a natural flavour combination, it is also very complex to create a balance of the two flavours within a cold dessert. To achieve a balance between two ingredients with high acidic counts is generally managed by adding a neutral ingredient, for instance crème fraiche to a passion fruit dessert. This balances out the sharpness of the passion fruit with the freshness of the crème fraiche. When using apple and blackberry in a dessert you also have to be careful that the blackberry flavour does not over power the taste of apple with the apple losing all its characteristic properties.

I believe the Aviator pastry team have created something special with this Apple and Blackberry Delice; in fact we are so confident with it, that we felt that ice cream was not needed to help carry the flavour.

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