On the menu – Seared Scallops and Devonshire Crab

Seared scallops and Devonshire crab on the menu at Aviator

Seared Scallops

Seared hand-dived scallops and Dorset crab with white radish, sweetcorn and ginger dressing.

An exciting and beautiful new dish showcasing exquisite hand-dived scallops from Brixham, and stunning Dorset crab.

The scallops are seared for a few seconds on one side only and enhanced with butter and lemon juice. The crab is cooked and flaked and mixed with a light dressing of chopped chives, lemon juice and creme fraiche. The white radish is cut into a box and sliced thinly, before being stuffed with a little of the crab mixture and rolled into a delicate miniature cannelloni shape. Similar in flavour to the breakfast radish, but with a slightly more delicate, less peppery taste, the white radish adds an interesting crunch and texture to the dish, and a fresh flavour in contrast to the richness of the fish. The sweetcorn is cooked on the cob, and its kernels removed, before being amalgamated with the dressing ingredients. Stem ginger has a more delicate taste than its root cousin, and adds an acidity that contrasts with the crab and the scallop, creating a beautiful balanced and light seasonal starter. Best served accompanied by a glass of Verdejo, 2011, Rueda, Spain £25.95.

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Dan Sorensen

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