On the menu – Roasted Baby Aubergine

Roasted Baby Aubergine on the menu at the Aviator Brasserie

On the menu – Roasted baby Aubergine

Roasted baby Aubergine with stuffed Piquillo pepper & Basil pesto sauce.

This Mediterranean inspired dish is a seasonal favourite and packs some robust autumn flavours.

Scored, lightly salted and coated with lots of olive oil, the baby Aubergines are wrapped in foil and oven roasted, before meeting the sweet Spanish Piquillo which is chargrilled and roasted whole before the skin is removed. Stuffed with a Mediterranean Ratatouille made from green and yellow courgettes, garlic, red onion and tomato, the pepper is presented alongside the Aubergine before the two are bound by a drizzle of fresh Pesto sauce. Fresh Basil leaves are blanched in water and refreshed to ensure their colour remains vivid, before they are amalgamated with garlice, pine nuts, parmesan and olive oil to present this stunning and intense sauce that brings a fresh saltiness to cut through the sweeter and earthiier flavours of the vegetables.

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