On the menu – Roast Poussin

Roast Poissin

On the menu – Roast Poussin


One of Adam?s favourites on Aviator?s Summer a la carte menu is roast poussin with sweetcorn, sage & onion stuffing, purple pommes purée and crispy chicken skin.

?My inspiration behind this dish was the traditional roast dinner, which we all know and love. You usually associate comfort food with the Winter, in particular soups, roasts and stews, so offering a roast, albeit with a modern twist, on the Summer a la carte menu and my first menu here at Aviator, was admittedly a brave choice.

While this dish uses many of the same ingredients of a traditional roast dinner, it is far from it. There?s no Yorkshire pudding, no lashings of gravy and no mountain of vegetables. Instead, I?ve created a light, well balanced dish that is classic in its taste but modern in its form, which summarises my approach to cooking perfectly.

For example, I chose to use poussin instead of chicken and created a purée from the purple pommes rather than traditional roast potatoes. Using poussin means I?m able to provide the whole bird to the customer and I think it is more delicate in flavour than chicken. With the purple pommes purée, you get the flavour of potato but it is very light, using butter but no cream. Also, many guests haven?t heard of purple pommes so it brings colour and uniqueness to the dish.

All in all a classic dish that, for me, offers the guest comfort and familiarity but with a modern twist, and one that can be enjoyed in the Summer too.

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