On the menu – Portland King Scallops

On the menu – Portland King Scallops


Aviator?s Head Chef, Adam Fargin, explains the details of his simple but exquisite dish. ?The scallop dish for me offers great balance of flavour; it is a very light dish using aromas that complement the main ingredient, the scallop. The whole dish is based around the scallops. I only use the highest quality scallops and for this reason I don?t want to hide or mask the flavour.?

?The scallops used for this dish are supplied by Portland shellfish, they are hand dived large scallops and as fresh as you can get, the langoustine element of the dish are so fresh they come in alive to us and we kill and prepare them ourselves! The reason I go out of my way to source the best seafood is that not only will the scallops have a beautiful sweet flavour but the quality is so much better, the density of them means they are firm unlike tubed scallops that retain water.?

?To accompany the dish I have added compressed apple. This is apple that has been diced very fine, placed in apple juice and compressed under a vacuum to enhance the taste of apple. The apple is raw but gives the texture of crisp apple, the slight acidity from a Granny Smith combines perfectly with the molluscs.?

?Finally I add a celeriac puree to add an earthiness to the dish but again a very subtle flavour to enhance the dish and not overpower the scallop, and for a finishing touch I add some raw fresh radish to add a slight pepperiness.?

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