On the menu – Olive Oil & Poppy Seed Torte

On the menu – Olive Oil & Poppy Seed Torte

Olive oil & poppy seed torte with Gariguette strawberries, yoghurt sorbet, Valrhona white chocolate ganache and strawberry & cream espuma

Light and luxurious, the beauty of this dessert doesn?t stop at the vibrant colours, but extends to the varying textures and tastes too.

The aerated espuma made with fresh French strawberries and Hampshire cream, the freeze dried yoghurt sorbet and the olive oil used to create the cake, make this dessert both light and graceful, right from the word go.

Each ingredient has been chosen specifically to complement each other; starting with the sweet olive oil cake made with poppy seeds for a gentle crackling sensation, to the luxurious white chocolate and vanilla ganache made from gourmet French chocolate by Valrhona, both of which are awaken by the sharp yoghurt sorbet and tart strawberry caviar made from locally grown, vermilion-red Gariguette strawberries.

All in all, the olive oil and poppy seed torte is a visually stunning and palate pleasing dessert that would be a welcomed choice after any meal.

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