On The Menu – Fig Tarte Tatin

Fig Tarte Tatin


Fig Tarte Tatin with goat?s cheese and rocket salad.

Black figs from Israel are showcased in this version of the traditional French tarte tatin. The 3 fig halves are added to a pan of rich buttery caramel, before being covered with a blanket of puff pastry, tucked gently under the edge of the figs, and baked until brown and crisp.

The tarte is served with a St Nicholas goat?s cheese, a French cheese that is mildly scented with Lavender ? which adds another dimension to the cheese and a beautiful marriage of rich sweet fig and slightly salty cheese. The cheese is sliced onto the top of the tarte and served with a simple peppery rocket salad, and a touch of drizzled port. The fresh leaves cut against the chalky acidity of the goat?s cheese and the sweet fig to create a deliciously balanced and light starter.