On the menu – FIA 2014 Special Menu

FIA 2014 Special Menu

On the menu – FIA 2014 Special Menu

The Farnborough International Airshow is one of the world?s most iconic global aviation events attracting a footfall of over 250,000 guests during the 7 day period. To celebrate, from Monday 14th July to Sunday 20th July, Aviator?s award-winning Brasserie will be offering guests a special evening a la carte menu.

Curated by Aviator?s new Head Chef Adam Fargin, the Airshow menu showcases the very best produce that the Southern region has to offer accompanied with a handpicked selection of key international suppliers to deliver a luxurious menu that screams vibrance and indulgence.

?My style is very minimalistic. With the Airshow menu I specifically wanted to allow the produce to do the talking. After all, we are matching the best from the South with luxury from abroad.?

?The poached Challans chicken, foie gras and leek terrine is my favourite starter on the menu. The chicken is sourced from France and in my opinion is the very best money can buy.? The chickens are reared on an organic diet and allowed to roam, helping to ensure a slower more thorough growth period, which enriches the meat. You?ll find no watery undertone to the Challans chicken, just a natural and delicious gamey tenderness.”

?On the mains, I would recommend the the ballotine of squab pigeon, savoury granola, escabeche of young vegetables with confit tamarillo.? One of the most expensive types of poultry, because of its rarity and the relatively small amount of meat per bird, the squab pigeon is subtle in flavour and not as tough as traditional wood pigeon.”

?With it being my first international event, during the Airshow week I will be delivering some of the best food that I?ve ever produced. I?ll be pushing the boundaries of Aviator?s usual cooking techniques, with a minimalistic approach to presentation to deliver on flavour and presentation.?

Unlike previous years, Aviator?s award-winning Brasserie will be open for evening dinner bookings from Monday 14th July to and including Sunday 20th July.

View the full Airshow dinner menu here.

Email the Reservations team or telephone 01252 555895 to make your reservation.

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