In the cellar – Monbazillac


In the cellar – Monbazillac


This small, family owned estate has been producing crops now for over 5 generations, their produce over the years varying from cereals to dairy products and, of course, brilliant wines. Former owner, Amédée Roche, was among the original co-founders of the Monbazillac Wine Co-operative in 1935, a venture that has done wonders for the reputation and distribution of wines from this region ever since. Domaine de L?Ancienne Cure began to bottle their own wine in 1968, and since then, have gone on to become an independent producer of some repute. In order to ensure their sweet wines are of the highest possible quality, all their grapes are harvested by hand, so as to pick only those grapes that have been affected by noble rot. This fungus, similar to the one that gives Roquefort its distinct flavour, leaches the grapes of any water, increasing their sugar content and providing the perfect grapes to make delicious sweet wines.

A wonderfully rich, sweet wine which is deep gold in colour and has a complex palate of dried fruits and honey underscored by a zesty acidity; a perfect combination to go with the fruity flavours of the Apple & Blackberry delice.

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