Interview – Studio Rouge

Studio Rouge

Interview – Studio Rouge

We catch up with Jamie and Lynsey from award winning wedding and commercial photography firm, Studio Rouge.

Can you describe how you came to decide on a career in photography?

Our family business was started by Keith and Debbie (our Mum and Dad) back in 1988! When Jamie and I left school and went on to study degrees, we just sort of fell into photography naturally even though it wasn’t really the plan. We had been part of the business all our lives and it just felt right. We also have a sister Charlotte Elizabeth who is a hair and make up artist so weddings are in the blood!

Studio Rouge has a diverse portfolio of work that includes commercial photography. Is there a difference in how you approach each style of shoot?

Wedding and commercial are so different. On a wedding day, you have to work so quickly, being ready at any moment to capture anything and everything that might happen. Generally commercial jobs involve more planning and more time can be allowed to capture each element. Wedding photography is so different to most other types of photography as crowd management is a big aspect! The time restraints can also be very stressful as there is a lot to fit in a relatively short time period.

Wedding and commercial are so different with a wedding day you have to work so quickly being ready at any moment to capture anything and everything that might happen.

Studio Rouge


Can you tell us a little about your wedding photography style and way of working?

We always work as a team of two as it is invaluable in capturing all the little moments throughout the day. The main photographer is there to help organise the guests, whilst the second shooter is there to capture all the natural moments and details throughout the day. Our style is relaxed and documentary-led, but we also capture timeless portraits that will last the test of time, so we offer a real mix to cover all bases.

What?s your favourite part of the day to capture?

Our absolute favourite part of the day are the couple’s portraits. Capturing the special bond between two people is what a wedding is all about.

Has there been a particularly memorable shoot or standout moment of your career so far?

There have been many! Professionally speaking, we have won Photographers of the Year an incredible 14 times between us and we’ve also been awarded our fellowships, which is the highest qualification of distinction in Photography.

Personally speaking, it would have to be our own wedding days. Both Jamie and I married at Aviator and they were times we will never forget.

What tip would you give those looking for their perfect wedding photographer?

Look at complete weddings, this is the most important piece of advice. Anyone can fling together a few good images for a website but the real quality comes from viewing the whole selection. Another good piece of advice is to see how comfortable the couples look in the images. Do they look awkward? Are they posing (hate that word!) in a flattering way? Remember this will be you!

Check that their images are from real weddings; models, styled shoots and, even worse, workshops don’t count!

Check your photographers are qualified. If, heaven forbid, it all goes wrong, you will have some form of protection.

Finally, we would always suggest two photographers rather than one. There will be so many things going on and all the family will be together. It really is worth having two sets of eyes rather than one!

What advice would you give every couple ahead of their big day?

I have three bits of advice I’m afraid!

1. Timing, timing, timing…. This is the number one regret when we speak to couples after their big day. Don’t plan things one on top of the other. Everything will take longer than planned. After all, your guests will want to talk to you and things always run late so don’t rush from one thing to the other and always allow a little contingency. Don’t plan your meal right on top of the ceremony, its nice to enjoy the day and have time to speak to your guests.

2. A good hair and makeup artist. Week after week we see brides rushing to put their dresses on because hair and make up has taken longer than expected. A good hair and make up artist will allow for this and still have you ready in plenty of time.

The quality of hair and make up is also so important don’t be scared to wear a little more than usual, it’s the same as being on TV. A good make up artist will provide you with a good coverage that still looks natural. This is definitely one service worth spending more on.

3. Hire a professional. Don’t leave anything to chance. Friends and family have your best interests at heart but relying on an Uncle to photograph the event or a Sister to do your hair can often lead to disaster. If budget permits, always hire a professional, leaving friends and family to enjoy the day.

You must capture a lot of images throughout the day, How many photographs would you normally take during a typical wedding ceremony?

On average we provide around 800-900 images for a full day’s coverage. This is quite a high number because we provide two photographers. During the ceremony itself, we take usually around 75 images, but this depends on space and light.

What do you find most challenging about wedding photography?

The natural elements, you just can’t trust the British weather! Yet we all rely on it. It is important to choose a venue that you like inside and out and one that has enough space and photo opportunities in case of rain. We both chose Aviator for our own weddings for this very reason! Even though, luckily, we both had wonderful weather on our wedding days.

How do you keep inspired and where do you go to find inspiration?

Inspiration is all around us but we keep on top of it by organising styled shoots and keeping a sharp eye on trends. We also judge at the Societies’ Photographic Convention, where we meet other photographers, which is always a great inspiration.

We love prime lenses and couldn’t work without them!

Studio Rouge


What advice would you give to any budding wedding photographers out there?

Get experience. Second, shoot for established photographers. Education is great but real life experience is how you will really learn.

If you were asked to shoot a destination wedding, where would you love for it to be?

We shoot a lot of destination weddings. This year we are off to the Algarve, Majorca and Italy.

Our dream destination would probably be Venice, although we have photographed there before, it’s a dream destination that we will never tire of. We’d also love to photograph on the Salt Plains in Bolivia.

What are your favourite pieces of photography equipment? What would you never head to a shoot without?

We love prime lenses and couldn’t work without them!

Do you have any exciting upcoming shoots planned?

2016 is a very exciting year for us we already have many plans in place for some styled shoots working with the UK’s best suppliers to provide inspiration on up and coming trends – watch this space!

If you’ve booked your wedding at Aviator and are looking for a photographer, get in touch with our Weddings team who can put you in touch.

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