Feature – Wedding Trend Report

Wedding Trends

Feature – Wedding Trend Report

Creative wedding planner & stylist of The Bijou Bride, Alexandra Merri, updates on the latest wedding trends.

I?m sure, like myself, you?ve been captivated by the recent celebrity wedding of Nicky Hilton with her lavish big day at Kensington Palace, as well as the extravagant week-long celebrations of European royalty Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo. Both of these exquisite weddings shared a wish to be classic, timeless and utterly elegant. By choosing an all-white colour scheme, they achieved just that and have propelled the traditional wedding colour back to centre stage. Having taken a back seat in the world of wedding trends for a few years, whilst multi-coloured themes and vintage muted tones dominated, white is coming back with a very fashionable bang in 2016.

Cajun crusted crispy duck was a starter that deigned to be elegant yet begged to be devoured.

Alexandra Merri

Wedding Trends

The colour is incredibly versatile and lends itself to any type of wedding day; be it an art deco inspired bash within luxurious surroundings such as those at Aviator or a romantically bohemian affair in the heart of the countryside. Adhering to an all-white colour scheme should not mean that your big day lacks originality. It is my belief that every opportunity should be taken to inject your personal style in each detail from the choice of dining chair to the specific fonts used in your stationery. It is your wedding day after all and it needs to reflect your identity as a couple.

However, it is worth noting that white will always require some type of accent, be it in your choice of silver or gold cutlery, dreamy amber candle light or the green foliage in your bouquet. In fact, it is the flowers that really transform a white wedding. An abundance of blooms is very much back in vogue and looks set to continue long into 2016.

This year has been monopolised by loose, almost haphazard, arrangements but more opulent structured styles are on the rise amongst next year?s brides. Large David Austen roses, with their beautiful scent and delicate hydrangeas, will always be popular but snow berries and daisies can add quirky touches too. When it comes to flowers I would encourage you to think outside the box, as they can now be used to dress everything from bare walls to ceiling beams in inventive ways, or even be used in place of typical fabric table runners and chair backs. Much-loved floral arches and walls will not only make for stunning backdrops to your ceremony but are super popular with selfie loving guests! Most importantly, find a fabulous florist whom you can be creative with and have fun.

Finally, the all-white trend isn?t just for brides, as 2016 also marks a return of the white tuxedo jacket for grooms. Spotted on all the designer catwalks, it?s time to wave goodbye to the predictable all over black, blue or grey in favour of statement white pieces. Cut and fit are essential to truly polished groom attire, so be sure to leave plenty of time for custom tailoring and alterations.

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