Feature – Poppy’s Wedding

Poppy Dinsey's Wedding

Feature – Poppy’s Wedding

With only two months to go until her wedding at Aviator, Poppy Dinsey, founder of WIWT.com updates us on her wedding plans.

As I sit here typing this, it?s dawned on me that it?s exactly two months until our wedding at Aviator. Two months! I should probably put in a token appearance at the gym. At the very least I should decide once and for all if we?re having a DJ after the band. And what about that shortlist of readings that we never finalised? And the suit hire for the ushers? AND EVERYTHING ELSE ON MY CHECKLIST?! It?s fair to say that there?s a lot to think about when it comes to planning a wedding. One decision was really easy for us though, the venue. Stephen proposed to me on New Year?s Day of this year. We were in a hotel in Manchester having attended a masquerade ball the night before. To say it was a surprise was an understatement ? I was hung-over in bed and he was in a towel having just got out of the shower! Still, if someone wanted to marry me in that state, who was I to say no?! I phoned my family (who all seemed to know already!) and got about the important business of showing off my ring and generally being the happiest girl in the world.

What nobody tells you about getting engaged is how quickly the questions start. ?When?s the big day then?? Not sure actually, only been engaged for a few hours! ?What theme will you have?? Errrrm, love and happiness?! ?What colour will your flowers be?? Sorry, have we actually met?!

Whilst it?s easy to get into a tailspin of giddiness thinking of place setting ideas and song choices, the key thing to tackle first is the when and where. We knew we wanted to get married this year and toyed with the idea of getting hitched in Mallorca, but once we thought about the practicalities of it all we settled that the UK would be easier all round. And if it was going to be in the UK, we knew exactly where we?d like the reception to be!

Aviator popped into our heads very quickly, it was the first hotel we ever stayed at as a couple and we?ve always had an amazing time whenever we?ve visited. It?s also just that bit different and we really didn?t want a wedding in a big country house or marquee when that?s not really our style, we?re all about the cocktails and the glamour ? so it would be the perfect fit! I worked with the team that did the bridal shots on the website too, so it has always had a special place in my heart.

What nobody tells you about getting engaged is how quickly the questions start.

Poppy Dinsey

We knew we wanted to get married in a church but as we live in London, we were struggling to see how we?d find a church that meant a lot to us that didn?t involve people spending an hour on the A3. Luckily we found the perfect compromise – the Surrey church I was baptised in is only about 20 minutes from Farnborough and after attending a couple of Sunday services we knew that it was where we wanted to get married. It?s over 1000 years old so the ceremony will be a complete contrast to our uber modern reception, but that?s exactly what we?re after.

By the end of January we had met with the Events Team and managed to confirm our wedding date and the main structure of the day. That was the biggest weight off our shoulders and we were then able to get to planning the details ? aka the fun stuff!

Surprisingly, the first thing we ticked off the list was bridesmaid dresses. With six bridesmaids to buy for I?ll happily admit we took full advantage of the January sales, I can?t reveal too much about what they?re wearing (yet!) but the dresses are gunmetal grey and really gorgeous. I nearly bought one for myself!

Tackling my own dress was somewhat harder, I was fixated on having a traditional Spanish wedding dress and whilst the idea of popping over to Spain for shop visits and fittings sounded slightly idyllic, I quickly realised it would cost a small fortune. And of course you can buy Spanish dresses here, which is what I?ve ended up doing.

Whenever I looked in bridal mags or online, I always found my eyes lighting up at Pronovias dresses, so it made sense that my first appointment would be at their Bond Street store. Luckily for me, I found my dream dress on my first visit. Sometimes I wonder if I ?missed out? by not going to lots of different shops and trying on lots of different labels, but deep down I think I?d always rather get something sorted as quickly as possible. I was only with my sister when I tried it on that first time, so I made a second appointment so that my mum and best friend could see it too before I placed the order. Luckily they loved it. It?s being made in Barcelona at the moment, but I have my first fitting in just two weeks? time. Eeek!

The Rotunda

There have been lots of perks during our engagement, but choosing our wedding cake was definitely the highlight. Neither of us like fruit cake or marzipan (does anyone?!) so we?re having something much more up our street from Bea?s of Bloomsbury. There?ll be three tiers and each will be a different flavour ? chocolate sponge and Bailey?s cream on the bottom, vanilla sponge with fresh strawberries and strawberry cream in the middle and then vanilla sponge, passion fruit curd and passion fruit cream on the top. HEAVEN!

We?ve still got a lot to do but I?m sure it will all come together, we have our menu tasting booked for next week and we can?t wait to get back to Aviator and sample the food our guests will be eating on the day. This past weekend we went to Hatton Garden to buy our wedding bands and at some point we need to remember to buy some summery clothes for the honeymoon before the shops switch to solely stocking scarves and jumpers. Oh and I must remember to get my new passport so that I can officially travel as a ?Mrs?, it wouldn?t be much fun to wave off my new husband as he jets to Mauritius whilst I?m stuck at Heathrow because of a paperwork error!

It will be here before we know it and I truly can?t wait. Here?s hoping it?s everything we?ve dreamed of!

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