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Served 12pm until 10pm, Monday to Sunday.

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Whet Your Appetite

Whet Your Appetite

Harissa spiced halloumi with red quinoa salad (v) / £9.00

Prawn cocktail with baby jem lettuce, cucumber, guacamole and toasted sourdough / £7.00

Salmon fishcake with mixed leaves and lemon mayonnaise / £7.00

Homemade soup of the day (v) / £6.00

Chicken poppers with BBQ and homemade ranch dips / £6.50

The Good Stuff

Tomato, avocado & mozzarella salad with heritage tomatoes and a house-made balsamic reduction (v) / £8.00

Virgin caesar salad with an anchovy dressing / £8.00

… add grilled chicken / £5.00
… add salmon fillet / £5.00

Paprika garlic & black pepper salmon with black bean and cajun rice (gf) (df) / £14.50

Vegetable & chickpea curry with rice (v) (gf) (df) / £11.00

… add chicken / £5.00

Pesto tagliatelle with sun dried tomato (v) / £10.50

Pork belly gammon with watercress, chunky chips and poached egg (gf) (df) / £10.00

Israeli cous cous salad with cucumber, yoghurt & mint (v) / £8.00

… add chicken / £5.00

Burger Central

Burger Central

House beef burger - two 4oz beef patties with streaky bacon, tomato, cheddar cheese, gherkin, lettuce and fries / £14.50

Mexican beef burger with avocado, pico de gallo, siracha mayo and fries / £14.50

Double bacon brie – beef burger with six slices of bacon and brie cheese / £10.50

Beef burger with Guinness braised beef, cheddar and potato crisps / £14.50

Pork belly burger with kimchi, garlic, lime mayo and fries / £12.50

Southern fried chicken burger with cheddar cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce and fries / £13.50

Moving Mountains burger with tomato, lettuce, red onion, tomato salsa and fries (vg) (df) / £12.00

Signature Dishes

7oz Sirloin steak with half a roasted tomato, flat mushroom, watercress and chunky chips / £20.00

Hogsback Ripsnorter sausage and mash with roasted onion / £11.00

Half rack BBQ ribs with fries and coleslaw / £13.00

Beer battered haddock with chips, half a roasted lemon and minted peas / £13.00

Chicken & ham hock pie with buttered kale / £12.50



Margherita with sun-dried tomatoes, chilli oil & rocket / £10.00

Pepperoni pizza / £11.50

Antipasti pizza with parma ham, roasted peppers, artichoke & rocket / £14.00


Grilled chicken breast with avocado, sun dried tomato & rocket on rosemary ciabatta / £10.00

Sourdough sandwich with cheddar, honey roast ham, English mustard mayonnaise and watercress / £8.00

Brie, cranberry & rocket panini / £7.00

Chicken & bacon club with egg mayo, lettuce & tomato / £13.00

Halloumi wrap with sun-dried tomatoes, pesto & rocket (v) (n) / £8.50



Double chocolate cake with ganache and raspberry sorbet (vg) (df) / £6.00

Knicker Bocker Glory (blackberry vanilla ice cream, fresh chopped berries and vanilla tuille (v) (gf) / £6.00

Strawberry red velvet with whipped vanilla icing and strawberry ice cream (vg) (gf) (df) / £6.00

Chocolate & hazelnut cookie sandwich with salted caramel ice cream and caramel sauce (v) (n) / £6.00

Tiramisu tart (v) / £6.00


Passion Fruit Mojito / £9.50

How do you improve something that is already great?!… Passion fruit, lime and mint. What more needs to be said, either sip or gulp this down, the second is sure to taste as good as the first.

Elderflower Daiquiri / £9.00

Rum and St Germain liqueur are married together with lime and syrup to remind you of a Summer’s day in Cuba.

Strawberries & Cream / £9.00

This quintessential English dessert has all the elements for a perfect cocktail. Fresh gin infused strawberries are whizzed up with homemade ice cream.

Remy’s Fruit Cake / £10.00

The bartender must be a flippin’ fruit cake!!…no he is not insane..just, inventive (let’s say). The perfect blend of Remy Martin, Marasquin liqueur and Gingerella are mixed for a loopy taste of the Caribbean.

The EnJOYable / £9.50

Her name was Joy, her good mood was difficult to destroy…she had many merry moments and during one of these she came up with this fruity yet sour mix.

Rumspresso Martini / £9.50

It’s an espresso martini with rum, what more is needed? Don’t think about it, just order it!

Wild Side Walking / £9.00

“Take a walk on the wild side…” feel as iconic and cool as the great Lou Reed, with this bourbon inspired cocktail. Wild Turkey, marmalade and orange juice are expertly mixed.

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*We work with many small local suppliers so some items on our
menu may change and all dishes are subject to produce

For those with specific allergies that would like to know more about the content of
the dishes on our menus, please ask a member of our team who will be glad to assist.

(v) vegetarian (vg) vegan (n) may contain nuts (gf) gluten free (df) dairy free

A discretionary service charge
of 10% will be added to your bill.

Important Notice: Please note, in line with the UK Government's advice, all food and beverage outlets at Aviator are closed to those who aren't staying with us, until further notice.