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One Eleven Menu

Served 12pm until 10pm, Monday to Sunday.

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Whet Your Appetite

Whet Your Appetite

Harissa spiced halloumi with red quinoa salad (v) / £9.00

Prawn cocktail with baby jem lettuce, cucumber, guacamole and toasted sourdough / £7.00

Salmon fishcake with mixed leaves and lemon mayonnaise / £7.00

Homemade soup of the day (v) / £6.00

The Good Stuff

Tomato, avocado & mozzarella salad with heritage tomatoes and a house-made balsamic reduction (v) / £8.00

Virgin caesar salad with an anchovy dressing / £8.00

… add grilled chicken / £5.00
… add salmon fillet / £5.00

Grilled salmon fillet with lemon & parsley new potatoes, bok choy and sauce vierge / £14.50

Vegetable & chickpea curry with rice (v) / £11.00

… add chicken / £5.00

Quinoa, feta cheese & romaine lettuce salad with a black olive house dressing (v) / £9.00

Tiger prawns with courgette, ginger, paprika and chilli / £9.50

Israeli cous cous salad with cucumber, yoghurt & mint / £8.00

… add chicken / £5.00

Burger Central

Burger Central

House beef burger - two 4oz beef patties with streaky bacon, tomato, Emmenthal cheese, gherkin, lettuce and fries / £14.50

Mexican beef burger with avocado, pico de gallo, siracha mayo and fries / £14.50

Onion beef burger with smoked cheese, burger relish and fries / £14.50

Chimmichurri mayo beef burger with torn cabbage, tomato and fries / £14.50

Pork belly burger with kimchi, garlic, lime mayo and fries / £12.50

Southern fried chicken burger with Emmenthal cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce and fries / £13.50

Moving Mountains burger with tomato, lettuce, red onion, tomato salsa and fries (vg) / £12.00

Signature Dishes

7oz Sirloin steak with half a roasted tomato, flat mushroom, watercress and chunky chips / £20.00

Guinness sausage & mash / £11.00

Half rack BBQ ribs with fries and coleslaw / £13.00

Beer battered haddock with chips, half a roasted lemon and minted peas / £13.00



Margherita with sun-dried tomatoes, chilli oil & rocket / £10.00

Detroit style pepperoni / £11.50

Antipasti pizza with parma ham, roasted peppers, artichoke & rocket / £14.00


Grilled chicken breast with avocado, sun dried tomato & rocket on rosemary ciabatta / £10.00

Baked ham & mozzarella baguette / £8.00

Brie, cranberry & rocket panini / £7.00

Chicken & bacon club with egg mayo, lettuce & tomato / £13.00

Halloumi wrap with sun-dried tomatoes, pesto & rocket (v) (n) / £8.50



Warm banoffee pie with Baileys emulsion, toasted caramel marshmallow & meringue shards (v) / £6.00

Vegan brownie, prunes, Hennessy gel & chocolate vegan sorbet / £6.00

Sticky toffee pudding sundae with maraschino cherries, burnt white chocolate shards & caramel / £6.00

Vegan red velvet cake with calamansi sorbet / £6.00

Bread & butter pudding with gooseberry jam, rum & raisin ice cream and cinnamon custard / £6.00

Bubble Tea

All things British - English breakfast tea / milk / strawberry pearls / £6.00

… Optional: shot of vanilla / £0.50

Calm the mind - Assam tea / almond milk / cherry pearls / £6.00

… Optional: shot of caramel / £0.50

Chocolatea - Chocolate tea / milk / strawberry pearls / £6.00

… Optional: shot of vanilla / £0.50

Loco - English breakfast tea / coconut powder milk / coffee pearls / £6.00

… Optional: shot of vanilla / £0.50

Go with the flow - Japan Sencha tea / Matcha tea powder / passion fruit pearls / £6.00

… Optional: shot of strawberry / £0.50

Jungle fever - Mango syrup / peach pearls / £5.00

… Optional: Assam tea / £1.00

Very berry - Cherry syrup / lime pearls / £5.00

… Optional: Japan Sencha tea / £1.00

Tropic thunder - Lychee syrup / peppermint pearls / £5.00

… Optional: English breakfast tea / £1.00



Lovestruck Garden / £9.50

Imagined by the one who was struck by love at first sip. This cocktail lovingly blends hints of rose with the sharpness of elderflower to create an amazing oral gin based cocktail.

Easy like a Sunday Morning / £9.50

Can we start the weekend over again? I wasn’t ready. Marmalade and chamomile tea are mixed together with gin to create a cool cocktail reminiscent of breakfast in bed on a lazy Sunday.

Negroni Sour / £9.50

Teach an old drink new tricks! Our original twist on the classic Negroni with an extra dose of sourness.

Emerald Isle / £10.00

Hand me the booze and watch me get fabulous! This prosecco based drink tastes of wonder and looks pretty good too with its glitzy shimmer.

Out of the Blue / £9.50

I want my toes in the sand with a cocktail in hand. Creme cacao and blue curacao are blended to give a feeling of warmer climates.

White Witchcraft / £9.50

Sala-gadoola-menchika-boo-la-bibbidi-bobbidi-boo. A refreshing potion based on the classic mojito, this cocktail includes vodka instead of rum with the addition of lychee juice.

Passionate Peach Ice Tea / £10.50

Summer is not a season…it’s a state of mind. It’s an ice tea with a little sunshine. Peach schnapps and passionfruit give this cocktail a nice uplift, so get your shades on!

Bakewell Tart / £9.50

Exceedingly Good. This one is all in the name with amaretto and cherry vodka you will think you are enjoying one of Mr Kipling’s nest tarts.

After Dinner Minty/ £9.50

Let’s talk about delicious! A favourite after dinner chocolate, now as a drink this easy sipper is a sure to tingle those taste buds.

Tell us what you like and don’t be shy!

Hard Shakes

The Mud Pie / £8.00

This boozy shake is a definite winter warmer with Malibu Havana Club, Baileys and whiskey; a sure favourite for those dark nights.

Baked Alaska / £8.00

Toffee vodka and Baileys add a punchy twist to the traditional desert.

Some things don’t go together like Alaska and Russia, Apple and Android, cider and milkshake, but we think they do so try this and let us know.

The Tipsy Moose / £9.00

Could this be what tipped Buzzwinkle over the edge? With a mix of Disaronno and mango vodka, this is sure to tickle your fancy.

*We work with many small local suppliers so some items on our
menu may change and all dishes are subject to produce

For those with specific allergies that would like to know more about the content of
the dishes
on our menus, please ask a member of our team who will be glad to assist.

A discretionary service charge
of 10% will be added to your bill.