Sustainability Policy


This policy covers those activities undertaken by the Farnborough Airport Group, where the airport and its hospitality businesses co-ordinate interactions between their own functions, internal and external business stakeholders, and the built and natural environment locally, nationally, and globally.


Policy statement

We recognise that a sustainable approach is essential to developing a stable, resilient, and successful business in the long-term. We aim to address significant sustainability issues, including climate change, while contributing to a positive and progressive future for our business, society, and the natural environment.

Our mission is to engrain sustainable values into every business process at the planning stage, from our airport and hospitality operations to our supply network, and all other segments of our value chain. This approach ensures negative impacts are identified and mitigated at inception, with avenues for delivering positive impacts explored, developed, and delivered at every opportunity.


Guiding principles

  • Improving environmental performance: operating a certified Environment Management System for Farnborough Airport, committed to preventing pollution, addressing climate change, and continually improving environmental performance through technology, efficient processes, staff training and company-wide awareness.
  • Driving economic opportunity: delivering a resilient and commercially sustainable business that promotes inward investment and connectivity, generating and supporting employment in the surrounding and wider community.
  • Promoting company wellbeing: providing an encouraging, safe, and healthy environment for those who work for and alongside us, free of discrimination, promoting fairness, equality, diversity, and wellbeing.
  • Openly engaging communities: building long-term relationships with regulators, partners, business groups, educational institutions, local community members and other interested parties, to understand their needs while ensuring shared information about airport performance is clear, current, and easily accessible.



Focus areas

Over the coming years, through a collaborative approach within and beyond the aviation and hospitality industries, we are committed to:

  • Reducing resource use through efficiency measures while increasing the use of alternative fuel technologies where practicable
  • Enhancing biodiversity and green spaces within our boundaries and local communities for future generations


This policy is published internally and externally and will be reviewed annually to ensure ongoing alignment with the Group’s broader business strategy.


CEO, Farnborough Airport and Aviator Hampshire Hotel

Date: 01-01-22