The Wishlist – Hermès iPad Slipcase

Hermès iPad Slipcase


The Hermes Swift slipcase
for iPad 2.

Logic is rarely associated with the purchase of high quality, luxury goods ? the enjoyment of their acquisition and emotional attachment creates a delight that throws any great rationale out of the window. And so it is with the Hermes Swift slipcase for iPad 2. The quiet knowledge that a glance inside the slipcase will glimpse its hallmark orange colour, and that removal will involve the sensory feel of its soft calfskin leather producing not only an intense initial excitement, but an enduring affection that grows as seductively as the case ages.

Granted the Swift costs more than the price of the iPad, but the iPad itself is a piece of progressive design in function and form that serves to be clothed in something equally exquisite. There can be few ladies this Christmas who could resist the allure of Hermes beautiful wrapping to find a Swift case inside – the perfect companion for those who love to travel and available in 10 different colours.