On the blackboard – Plant Pot

Rioja Crianza

On the blackboard – Plant Pot

Fast becoming a favourite of Aviator?s guests this Summer is the Plant Pot, a thirst quenching cocktail inspired by the bustling streets of New Orleans.

It should come as no surprise that New Orleans, the exuberant centre of Mardi Gras, is also the birthplace of many classic cocktails we?ve all come to know and love. This was one of the reasons behind One Eleven?s vibrant menu of Bourbon-infused cocktails.

Created with Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon Whiskey, sugar syrup, crushed ice, rosemary, thyme, mint leaves, soda and fresh lime, the Plant Pot cocktail is a twist on the classic Mint Julep and is served in a copper cocktail mug, which the Americans have traditionally used to serve a Moscow Mule since the 1940s. Why? Because the copper transmits the cold temperature to the hand and lips better than a traditional cocktail glass and in the right light, the copper reflection gives the cocktail an amber glow.

Clean and refreshing, the combination of fresh herbs and crisp whiskey make the Plant Pot the ultimate Summer cocktail and one that will leave you a Bourbon lover (if you?re not already)!

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