On the menu – Seared south coast mackerel

Seared south coast mackerel

On the menu – Seared Mackerel


Seared south coast mackerel with baby beetroots, horseradish and shiso, is a traditional choice on the new a? la carte menu, according to Aviator?s Executive Chef Luke Wheaton, which he has designed with his own modern twist.

The dish is put together using a very classical and local flavour combination of horseradish, mackerel and beetroot. But it?s the temperatures, textures and cooking techniques of each individual ingredient that brings modernity to the dish.

The mackerel is sourced from the South Coast?s Cooper Foods and is cooked by using a blowtorch to scorch the skin. The fierce heat from the blowtorch caramelises the skin with the fish then left to rest to complete the cooking process. Accompanying the mackerel are the beetroots, sourced from Secretts Farm in Milford, Surrey and cooked in a variety of ways; pickled, pureed, candied and some left raw, each to give varying levels of texture to the dish. Some are also left with a touch of bite to add an earthy dimension. The dish is finished with micro leaves and shiso cress, and a horseradish snow, which is created by freezing horseradish in a tray and scraping slithers off once it has set to give the snow effect.

A classic dish using unique cooking methods to add modernity, the Seared south coast mackerel with baby beetroots, horseradish and shiso offers a deliciously colourful choice in the new Brasserie a la carte menu and is best enjoyed with a glass of this month’s In the Cellar choice.

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